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Fitness Programs

Personal Training and
Transformation Programs

Want a private training environment that focuses on your needs? Our personal training and executive group fitness training services are exactly what you’re looking for.

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Personal Training

Semi-Private Training
& Executive Training

(Small to large group personal training)
If you’re unsure about joining a large group atmosphere or feel like you need a little bit more instruction with unfamiliar exercise names, form, and the proper equipment to use, then our semi-private personal training program is exactly what you’re looking. While working in small groups of three to four people, your trainer creates a personalized workout regimen that’s designed to keep you accountable and help you reach your individual goals.

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Transformation Challenges 
& Mini-Courses

(Goal Specific Bootcamps)

If your goal is to transform your body, learn more about health and nutrition or experience a new style of fitness/exercise that you've never tried - like boxing, self-defense or choreography to a new dance step that everyone's doing, then you'll love our transformation challenges and mini-courses. We'll show you how fitness can be equal parts fun, interesting and effective. 

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Group fitness

Group Fitness Bootcamps

Our small and large group fitness boot camps will unleash the potential of your body to reach your goals no matter you fitness level or amount of exercise experience.

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Outdoor Daily Bootcamp

(aka ODB-Ol’ Dirty Bootcamp -larger boot camps)

You down with O.P.P.? (Outdoor, Pushups and Pull-ups)
Master your body and the elements, while improving your cardio in this high energy outdoor group fitness class which mixes core and functional strength training with traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises.

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B2B High Intensity Indoor Training

(aka. B2B) – smaller boot camps

Yall gon” make me lose my gut… Up in here! Up in here!
Cut the fat and rip your core with this total body high intensity indoor workout that utilizes oldschool back-to-basics training devices like sandbags, suspension trainers, slide boards, super bands and more. This class gets result quick by combining the motivation of working out in a group, the personalized attention of a trainer and a high energy old-school vs new-school hip hop soundtrack to help when you need that extra push!

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old school

Cypher High Intensity Agility Training

(aka Cypher Hip Hop & Agility Class) – smaller boot camps

Rock ya’ll, No stop ya’ll, To the beat ya’ll… The Bodyrock ya’ll!
You’ll get in and out of the gym quicker than you ever thought possible with this 30 minute breakdance and hip hop inspired high energy agility workout. This class is designed to boost your metabolism and help you cut the fat in half the time by way of high intensity interval training (HIIT) mini-circuits -or as we call them “Cyphers”.

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Paywutchyalike &
Diy Free Community Fitness

We believe that the best way to get in shape is to create a consistent and sustainable routine of exercising at least 3-4 days weekly. We believe that everyone deserves that option - even if you are just getting started or don't have a lot of extra money.

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Community Fitness

(Low-cost & Low-Intensity Group Fitness)

Our ‘Paywutchyalike’ series of community fitness classes are perfect because they’re designed for anyone who is just getting back into the swing of working out again -they’re a step down in difficultly from our normal boot camps,

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Diy Free

(Free Video Exercises & Instruction)

Our DIY (do-it-yourself) fitness videos are the perfect way to stay on top of your game even -when the money and or the time isn’t right. These videos can be done any time and any place. Plus they’re free so what more can you ask!

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